I Am a Foodie

From Wikipedia:

Foodie is an informal term for a particular class of aficionado of food and drink.

In the Wikipedia discussion of the terms “foodie” and “gourmet” it said the following:

Although the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, foodies differ from gourmets in that gourmets are epicures of refined taste who may or may not be professionals in the food industry, whereas foodies are amateurs who simply love food for consumption, study, preparation, and news. Gourmets simply want to eat the best food, whereas foodies want to learn everything about food, both the best and the ordinary, and about the science, industry, and personalities surrounding food. For this reason, foodies are sometimes viewed as obsessively interested in all things culinary. There is also a general feeling in the culinary industry that the term gourmet is outdated. “Foodie-ism” is a modern, popular way of engaging food culture for the general population.

I am definitely a foodie.

I love the Food Network.  I’m always learning some new grilling technique from Bobby Flay or a new little cooking trick from Alton Brown.  I drool over the creations of the chefs on Iron Chef American.  I enjoy the silly culinary contests on Chefs vs. City and marvel at the amazing creations on Food Network Challenge shows.

I’m not being snobbish when I say that there isn’t a restaurant in the area that can cook a steak better than I can cook it in my backyard grill.  That applies to burgers as well.  Who needs the much lauded In-N-Out Burger joints that are now springing up in Utah?  I would much rather eat a home-cooked guacamole-bacon-swiss burger, hot off my grill.  My last trip to Chili’s had me singing “I want my money back money back money back…”

Many of you know how much I love outdoor cooking in dutch ovens.  If not, you should visit my site.  It may be a bit more work to cook something in a dutch oven, but the results are, in my opinion, worth the extra effort.

Yeast breads are my friends.  I love making a perfect pizza crust, baking homemade rolls for Thanksgiving dinner, and making garlic bread from slices of crusty, home-baked french bread.

This last weekend was too wet for yard work, so I spent that extra time in the kitchen.  The lemon meringue cupcakes were a little too dry (I cooked them in too hot an oven.), but the pudding filling was tart and rich, and the meringue was the best I ever made.  Sunday’s lasagna dinner (with the aforementioned garlic bread) was fantastic!

I love cooking, talking about cooking, sharing recipes with friends, surfing the web looking for new recipes, and I am addicted to the Food Network.  I love having a family that loves my cooking too.  Our home is our favorite restaurant that my sons have named “DeFreakin’Licious.”

Yes, I am a foodie!

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  1. I just need more people to feed. And a grill. (My George Foreman is only okay.) Yes, it is enjoyable to cook something delicious and eat it, even by myself, but the more time and care I spend on it, the more I want someone to share it with.

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